Azra Yazıcıoğlu house

House owner:   Azra Yazıcıoğlu
Location:           Kızılağaç village, Bodrum
Project date:     2014
Building type:   Detached house

Azra Yazıcıoğlu house is 140 m2 big, situated on the slope rising to the wood of Kızılağaç village. The land is in total 2100 m2. The house is integrated to the north/south axe of the land. The house's energy efficiency features meet passive house standards, besides all the chosen building materials are natural. The basement and ground floors, in different sizes, were settled gradually on the land and planned according to the owners approach and desires. The building ground floor has two wings in the west and east directions. The living space on the ground floor is reached by a ladder from the basement. Being glass-covered, this ladder divides the building as private and social space, it also functions as focal point that lets the sunlight in.

The northeast and southwest terraces offer summer/winter and day/night shadow and light options. The building materials are: natural stone on the subbasement stage, earth walls on the ground floor. On the outside façade of the earth walls there is a wood layer dressing; this detail lets the earth wall stay in shadow and keep the house cool in summer, in contrary the winter light get through the layers and heat the wall in winter time. The roof on the east side of the house is designed as flat green roof, on the west side it has a southward slope and designed as an energy roof.



Office - Barbaros village, Urla- İzmir
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