Toskay house

House owner:   Çiğdem Toskay
location:             Serhat village, Bayramiç
project date:      2015
Building type:    Detached house

Toskay house is aimed to be a 'bio-house' that ensures healthy and energy efficient living. The construction and use of the house is planned to have low energy consumption since it is designed as timber framed with walls made of earth blocks that is covered by 50cm thick stone walls from the outside. The prioritized building materials are accessible in the local, and the continental climate will serve to the energy conservation. Wood used in the construction is preserved via constructive solutions instead of chemical methods.

In the planning phase geobiological abnormalities were considered and the construction is planned with building materials sans toxic components. The building has 166m2 floor space, it's paving slab and roof construction are made from wood. 



Office - Barbaros village, Urla- İzmir
T.  +90 533 245 32 51