Kadıovacık bio house

location: Kadıovacık village, Urla 
project date:  2018
building type:  Detached house - office
Project area: 226,25 m2

Single storey wooden frame building has adobe external walls in the south and reed covered external walls on the north. The external façades will be covered with lime and wood whilst internal walls will be from earth plaster. Biohouse will be heated through the wall surfaces and the heating  system will be pellet stove and photovoltaics. Solar collectors will be used to heat water.

Health and efficiency...

Kadıovacık biyohouse, is a project that supports human and environmental health considering building biology and ecology principles. This project aiming minimum energy use, environmental and social consistency, promises healthy and efficient lifestyle.   Kadıovacık biohouse benefits from high level passive climatization with the help of determined form and orientation, chosen materials and their appropriate use.

Environmental and social consistency and carbon footprint...

All the components of Kadıovacık biohouse's upper structure are natural and made from cultivable raw materials, such as the wooden frame, earth and wood covering of external walls, wood floor covering, doors made of wood, reed that will be used as insulation material etc. Moreover the material production and implementation processes are also considered in regard to energy use so materials that has low embedded energy were chosen for construction.   In addition, local labour is prioritized so that the project ensures the increase in human capital of the local settlement whilst minimizes the energy and carbon emissions. In order to concretize these objectives, a lifecycle analysis will be realized during the construction.



Office - Barbaros village, Urla- İzmir
T.  +90 533 245 32 51