Iassos residences

House owner:  Emlakmaxx 
Location:           Mandalya bay, Milas  
Project date:     2014 
Building type:   Detached dwellings

Iassos residences has been designed over 1000m2 project olive grove project area. Prototype house designs were made for the project of 700 detached dwellings. Houses were in harmony with their environment and topography, they were located without changing present olive tree coverage of the land. In the macrostructure local stone will be used together with constructive wood technics. Design details were applied in order that natural inside climate could be balanced with passive methods during winter and summer times. Carbon footprint, sustainable energy cycles and use of natural building materials were considered in the design of these dwellings. Based on the 100m2 sized prototype designs, all the residences will be different from each other as to their land size, user focus and micro topography thus, the possible visual dryness of the project land will be avoided.



Office - Barbaros village, Urla- İzmir
T.  +90 533 245 32 51