Herbafarm gardener's house

House owner:   Meltem Kurtsan
location:             Gökçebel village, Bodrum
project date:      2014
Building type:    Detached house

The garderner's house is the first housing unit designed according to the masterplan made for Herbafarm farmland. It is one of the first architectural project and execution in Turkey that considers building biology framework in the design and material selection process. Recycled paper, straw, bee-wax were used as the first industrial examples of of the newly developing ecological and healthy building material sector in Turkey. The frame of the gardener's house is from timber so wood fitting details were solved throughout the project phase and in the field. Gardener's house do not have any trace of traditional architecture, still it is very much in harmony with the surrounding flora. It is 37 m2 energy efficient house with no harm to human health.

Herbafarm guest house

House owner:    Meltem Kurtsan
Location:             Gökçebel village, Bodrum
Project date:      2015
Building type:    Detached house

The guest house, being designed in the frame of the Herbafarm masterplan, is in accord with its surrounding through its topographic consistency and simple use of materials. It demonstrates that sustainable architecture is easy when you understand the place and the living thus you don't have to mimic local architectural texture in order to be in conformity. In order to take measure for ground humidity and have minimal impact to the soil the 40 m2 building is detached from the ground, standing on piers. Wood, being used in all the construction, is preserved together with wall surfaces by organic dyes. Perlite is used in the ceiling and reed in the external facade for insulation. Inside walls were covered with compressed paper panels having no harm to human being.



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