Çukurbağ Disability Center

Owner:            UNDP          
Location:         Çukurbağ village, Kaş       
Project date:   2013 
Facility type:    Social integration buildings for people with disabilities

Çukurbağ Disability Center has 1,3 hectar land in Çukurbağ village of Kaş county which is in the boundaries of Antalya. The purpose of the project is to create a social center for people with disabilities and their instructors. Within the land there were three old stone school building from the early phases of Republic which were dilapidated because of long-term non-use. In the scope of the masterplan two of these buildings were restored according to sustainable architecture approach, the third one was in out-repair so it has to be demolished and an ecological house that will function as kitchen and dining hall was constructed instead.

The masterplan was designed according to ecological principles, so that the living spaces such as: Event hall, dormitory, kitchen/dining hall, art workshop area, office building, compost and biological waste management unit, greenhouse, open amphitheater space, poultry-house, disabled pathways and energy roofs are in integrity with their topography. One of the restored buildings started to be used as cultural event hall, the other one is used as dormitory. A pergola is planned on the rooftop of the dormitory. Art workshop space, dining hall and management buildings' common property is that they can have a balanced inner climate both summer and winter. Besides being focused on energy efficiency, the architectural approach took as basis close loop energy (backing with solar energy) and waste cycles (aerated lagoon ecosystem).



Office - Barbaros village, Urla- İzmir
T.  +90 533 245 32 51