Selected Architectural Works

Yazıcıoğlu house- Kızılağaç village, Bodrum

Architectural Approach

A building that respects human and nature has to take part in the ecological cycles of the topography within which it is located; it has to be in situ instead of being extraneous. In this context, the building has to be formed by the materials of its topography and when its life is completed, it could be mixed up with the soil of the land it is located. At the same time, a building should have positive influence to people it in holds.

Mehmet Şenol

After being graduated from Hochschule für Gestaltung Kiel as an architect, he continued his education
in Düsseldorf Fine Art Academy. He worked in between the years 1990-1999 in the RKW ‘Rhode Kellerman Wawrowsky’ architecture, first in their Düsseldorf office then in Berlin. While he worked in Berlin, he also owned and managed the art gallery called ‘Imago’ in between 1990-1999. He continues to bring on artistic work within the art initiative called ‘ada-art’ which he started in 1997. In between 2000-2006 years he worked in ‘ECE Türkiye’ as the manager of the architecture department. Since he initiated his own office in 2007, he developed interdisciplinary projects and fruitful partnerships. His architectural work continues in eds-a architecture office, which he co-founded with And Akman.

And Akman

His academic and architectural works on building biology & ecology continues for 25 years. He carried out his education
in Mimar Sinan University, New York University and Institut für Baubiologie + Ökologie. After realizing his ecological architecture projects and building applications internationally through Lichtblick Architecture bureau for 17 years, he returned to Turkey in 2007 and become a founding partner of eds-a architecture where he continues his international architecture projects and applications. He lectured architecture project class on modern earthen architecture in Selçuk University in between 2014-2015, he initiated 'building biology class' in MEF University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture on the fall semester of 2016.
He is doing various trainings and workshops on ecological materials and construction methodologies and participates as guest speaker in several conferences in this field. His articles and papers on building biology and ecology have been issued in national and international publications.



Office - Barbaros village, Urla- İzmir
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